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Airside Bird Control Equipment

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a) Bird Scaring Pistol / Cartridges

"Bird Control" 12g Bird Scaring Cartridges - Signal Pistol Fired
Standard Range40mVisible Smoke Trail and Loud Report
Long Range70m-80mVisible Smoke Trail and Loud Report
Extended Range80m-90mVisible Green Tracer and Loud Report
Scream70m-80mVisible Smoke Trail and Loud Screech
Raptor Flare60m-70mBright Flare in Various Colours
"Bird Control" 4Kal/1inch Bird Scaring Cartridge - Signal Pistol Fired
4Kal/1" Goose Scarer100m-120mVisible Green Tracer – Extra Loud

This range of bird scarers "Bird Control" have been developed by us, particularly for Airport use. The selection of products available aids the controller in producing a variety of stimulus to clear birds. The variety also means there is less likelihood of habituation We have found that sometimes a flock of birds may react to one type of cartridge and not to another and therefore a selection of cartridges with a variety of effects is most useful "Bird Control" bird scarers are made in England and are available worldwide, Please contact us for more information and specification sheets The purchase of bird scarers is subject to local licensing and firearms regulations

Bird Scaring Pistol Heckler & Koch P2A1 Signal Pistol

  • Cal 26.5mm/1" with 12g sleeve liner
  • Extractor modified to extract 12g Signal Cartridge
  • Birmingham Proof Tested
This signal pistol is in use on many airports throughout Europe Please contact us for more information and specification sheet Signal Pistols are subject to local licensing and firearms regulations.

b) Acoustic Distress Calls

Acoustic Distress Calls can be very effective for Gulls Starling, Rook, Jackdaw Pigeon, geese.

Natural Distress Calls are played at natural levels and are not intrusive. It is the message that the sound is broadcasting that is important not the volume. Scarecrow Distress Calls are in use on all Irish and British Airports. Bird Control Ireland Ltd have fitted and commissioned various Distress Call Units in many facilities throughout Ireland.

Products in the range:

  • Scarecrow Ultima
  • Scarecrow Premier
  • Scarecrow Patrol Two
  • Scarecrow Goose Patrol
  • Scarecrow Compact
  • Scarecrow Solar Compact

c) Real time Daily Log Books

Please contact us for a quotation on any of the above items.

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