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Specialists in bird and wildlife management for airports, industrial facilities, waste management, pharmaceutical, agriculture, equine, home and garden.

Waste Management

Bird Control Ireland Ltd has a comprehensive supply of Bird & Wildlife control products and services for Waste Management and Recycling facilities

As all Waste Management and recycling locations are required to have bird control as part of their EPA licence guidelines. Bird Control Ireland can assist your current Bird Control Programme or develop one to suit your site.

Bird Control Ireland Ltd have ten years’ experience working on landfill sites throughout Ireland, taking part in both jointly managed and individual programmes.

Activities on site include:
  • Birds of Prey, Falcons
  • Use of Bird Control equipment
  • Record keeping and report generation
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Reporting monthly/annually
  • Liaison with NPWS/EPA on behalf of the client
  • Bio Acoustic Distress Calls
  • Flying Kites
  • Firearms

Jointly managed programmes allow staff on the landfill to operate the bird control equipment when Bird Control Ireland Ltd are not on site. Bird Control Ireland Ltd can train your staff in the correct and safe use of all bird control equipment.

All bird control equipment is available to such facilities independent of any bird control programme.

As individual methods of bird control are unlikely to deter all target birds a combination of bird scaring techniques used effectively can achieve an excellent level of bird control.

Please contact us if you require additional information on our Bird and Wildlife for Waste Management/Recycling facilities.

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Bird Control Ireland Ltd is a member of the Irish Pest Control Association (IPCA) and an associate member of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA)
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