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Building Protection

There are many types of building protection for all types of Birds, The most common forms of protection are Bird Proof Netting, Bird Spikes, Bird Wire, Distress Calls and Visual Deterrent.

No two buildings present the exact same challenges. Some areas may require a unique approach. Call us to discuss your requirement. Bird Control Ireland Ltd have completed bird proofing works on a number of buildings to include churches, schools, shopping centres, rail stations, hospitals, industrial facilities, power plants, air craft hangars and apartment complexes.

Bird Proof Netting
Trained and experienced fitters will fix a UV stabilised bird proof net to the area to be protected. There are different nets for large and small birds but it is in attention to detail around the periphery that will ensure that the net fitted for you is indeed – bird proof. At Bird Control Ireland Ltd we guarantee all bird proof netting works for five years against failure – this does not include damage caused by site maintenance/works etc. Bird nets are held in place

Bird Spikes
This system works by making the area difficult to stand on. Bird Control Ireland Ltd use stainless steel bird wire on a UV stabilised polycarbonate base for longevity. Unlike plastic spike systems these stainless steel spikes do not reflect light or become brittle over time. The “Spikes” are in fact blunt so they will not harm the bird. There are different widths of bird spike depending on the depth of ledge or gutter to be protected. This system is usually fixed using a silicone based outdoor adhesive. Trained and experienced operators will fix bird spikes in a tidy fashion that will blend into background.

Please contact us if you would like any further information on our Building Protection.

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